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A.J. Contracts are justly proud to be the approved and exclusive building contractor for the Canterbury and Medway areas for a number of eminent blue chip Insurance companies, a selection of which have been highlighted at the bottom of this page.

If you have suffered damage to your property and claim under your house insurance we'll meet with your insurance company adjuster so that we can agree on the Scope of Damage and prepare our estimate under the guidelines of that particular insurance company.
We'll prepare a detailed estimate of all damages from fire, smoke and water.
Our experienced estimators will document all damage and do anything they can to anticipate hidden damage caused by water and smoke penetration. We will help you prepare all necessary paperwork required by your insurance company, mortgage company and/or your local planning office.

Repair Specifications

No work will be done until you approve the repair specifications. A.J. Contracts will provide you with a copy of the repair specifications and we will begin work only after your approval.

A.J. Contracts will always be mindful of securing your property - a comforting thought if your property has sustained damage from fire or storm effects.

We'll always attempt to minimise fire risks due to exposed electrical wiring, electrical shorts brought about by disarranged wiring, or damage to wiring caused by the demolition of surrounding walls and ceilings.
We're also experienced at dealing with the adverse affects of unwanted water on your property ensuring that damaged pipes are secured and that exposure to the elements is minimal.

Any roof renovations pose increased risks from both water and fire damage. We'll ensure that you can sleep easy in your bed, safe in the knowledge that all ongoing building and renovation above your head is fully secured against the elements.

Completion Date

You will be given a completion date in writing.

Quality Construction

We employ only professional craftsmen who take tremendous pride in their work.


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