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Moving house these days is an extremely stressful business so what can you do to enhance the potential of your existing property? Estate Agents will be quick to suggest that If you are staying put for a few years, anything you do to give your home additional living space will make it more appealing and could add more than 10% to its existing value. Having a garage will definitely attract buyers, adding 10-15% to the property value and central heating can add 15%.
It has been estimated that having a second bathroom installed may add as much as 9% to the value of some properties.

One sure way to help a sale is to have a loft conversion, extension or conservatory built.
A.J. Contracts recognise that for any loft conversion or extension to give your home a selling edge, not only must the structure be well designed, but must also be sympathetic to the existing house structure and its surroundings.

A.J. Contracts have all the necessary expertise and experience required to handle your extension or loft conversion project from start to finish. From that initial first contact with us we can coordinate the whole project and provide all the building services you need. From concept and design to planning permission and installation we provide a complete service.

At A.J. Contracts we believe that design and planning is the secret to house extension and loft conversion success. We can provide all the necessary professional guidance at this stage to help ensure your ideas are converted into detailed building plans, loft plans, and / or architectural diagrams..

Loft conversions require design, ideas, plans, and, just occasionally planning application approval. Loft conversions often require the wooden structures to be replaced by steel beams and very often floors to be fortified. Only than can the subsequent work to windows, insulation, plastering, plumbing, electrical ,lighting and heating can ensue.

And there are other aspects to consider. For instance, A.J. Contracts acknowledge the paramount importance of insulation, especially within the loftspace and wall cavities. The type of windows you choose can be considered as vital as the structure itself. We can guide you through the red tape if you require planning permission before any building commences to avoid possible pitfalls and costly mistakes.

We can assist you to structure your proposed building work depending on it's existing utilities and purpose, perhaps as an office, bedroom, or playroom.Perhaps your loft needs an extension out of your existing roof - a dormer loft - loft extensions are also a specialty. Some building work eg house extensions are subject to approval by the Building Regulators. Please click on the Building Plans button to see how A.J. Contracts can provide you with all the necessary help and guidance in this area.

Fortunately, not all buildings and extensions are subject to the Building Regulations. Amongst the works that are exempt from the Building Regulations are conservatories and porches.
All conservatories and porches are exempt from the regulations as long as they are built at ground level, are single storey and they have a floor area less than 30m².
Another consideration that we'll ensure is complied with is that the
glazing complies with Part N of the Building Regulations, i.e. protection against impact.

Glazing should break safely, be robust or in small panes, or be permanently protected.

With A.J. Contracts you can be certain that any building work will be undertaken by a qualified and highly skilled work force, who will carry out the work as swiftly as possible with as less disturbance and inconvenience as possible.


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